The Knight Club

A Bajan Short Story

close-up half-moon cracked-egg patrick glen_jr glk cessna Eat-Cake

Presenting to you a branch of the Knight-Sealy, Bowen-Carrington Family Tree!

The producers of this branch are Jennifer and Glen, and its members are Patrick and Glen.

Several subdivisions of the base roots of the two individual family trees are in existence today, and are represented elsewhere in both a private and public context.

This unit, like all the other subunits, has inherited its fair share of the collective values and attributes of its originators, and has now incorporated a separate and unique set of additional values that have been co-sponsored by Patrick.

The non-human images shown here have special significance to the entire family unit and embody some of the existential fascinations that are shared passionately by some of us.

This document will target some of our individual preoccupations and challenges, hobbies and interests that are suitable for public consumption.

Feedback should be sent to the Administrator with your comments.


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